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8 of the Best Holiday RV Travel Destinations to Enjoy this Holiday Season

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With the holidays fast approaching and the kids out of school for two weeks, it’s the perfect time to hit the road in your RV. The Western U.S. is speckled with RV travel destinations that come alive during this festive season.

From the glittering city lights of Las Vegas to the heartwarming traditions of Solvang, there's a holiday destination for every family. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to explore this holiday season close to the West Coast.

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Eight Holiday RV Travel Destinations

Here are eight of the best holiday RV travel destinations you can enjoy with your family over winter break:

1. Denver, CO

When the winter chill sets in, Denver transforms into a holiday postcard scene. There are numerous holiday activities to enjoy in the Mile High City. Here’s what to do in Denver during your RV holiday itinerary:

  • Festive Holiday Markets: Browse through the Denver Holiday Markets for unique gifts and savor local treats.

  • Ice Skating Fun: Lace up your skates for the outdoor rink at Skyline Park where laughter and music fill the air.

  • The Parade of Lights: Experience the magic with floats and bands at this annual parade that brings the community together.

Additionally, you can witness the city and county building light displays that brighten the night sky. Each corner of Denver offers a piece of holiday cheer, perfect for families looking to make the most of the winter break.

2. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is set against the backdrop of the Sandia Mountains and truly shines during the holiday season. This city, known for its rich culture and clear winter skies, has a lot for RV travelers to enjoy, including:

  • Twinkle Light Parade: Marvel at the glow of thousands of lights adorning floats that roll down Central Avenue during this annual holiday parade.

  • Festive Streets: Wander through historic Old Town where luminarias line the streets and you can walk through the maze of local shops and festive entertainment.

  • Warm Holiday Atmosphere: Enjoy the warmth of Albuquerque's community as you partake in holiday festivities, complete with hot chocolate stands and live music.

Albuquerque's holiday spirit is contagious, and with winter break in full swing, it's the perfect stop for families in an RV. The city is a gateway to experiencing New Mexico's unique blend of traditions during the most wonderful time of the year.

3. Solvang, CA

Solvang is known for its charming replication of a Danish village in the Santa Ynez Valley. This village comes to life during the holiday season, making it a festive and unique stop for RV travelers. When stopping in Solvang, you and your family can enjoy:

  • A taste of Denmark in California: As you walk through the streets of Solvang, you'll be transported to a European wonderland, complete with traditional Danish architecture and holiday decorations.

  • Festive Activities for the Family: The town hosts a variety of holiday events, including the Julefest parade, candlelight tours, and Danish eateries.

  • Unique Shopping Experience: Find one-of-a-kind holiday gifts in the local shops that offer everything from handmade crafts to Danish imports.

Solvang’s holiday charm is a blend of traditional Danish culture and the festive spirit of the season. This makes it an ideal destination for those exploring California’s less-traveled paths during their winter break.

4. Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth transforms into a picturesque Bavarian village each holiday season. This enchanting town is a winter wonderland, complete with snow-capped mountains and twinkling lights. When you travel here, plan to enjoy:

  • Authentic Bavarian Charm: Stroll through the streets lined with cute shops and cafes, all decorated with thousands of Christmas lights.

  • Winter Recreation: Embrace the outdoors with activities like sledding, snowshoeing, and skiing in the nearby mountains.

  • Local Culinary Delights: Warm up with traditional Bavarian foods and beverages, a perfect way to enjoy the chilly evenings.

Leavenworth truly transforms into a Christmas village making it the perfect holiday stop in your RV. Its blend of natural beauty and festive activities creates a chance for you and your family to make holiday memories.

5. Cannon Beach, OR

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Cannon Beach is a great escape. This charming coastal town is an ideal RV destination for families looking to unwind during the school's holiday break. When traveling here, you’ll be able to enjoy the following:

  • Holiday Events: Although quieter than summer months, Cannon Beach lights up during the holidays with festive decorations and local events. This includes a charming holiday parade and a town tree-lighting ceremony.

  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Enjoy the relaxed pace of this small town, with cozy cafes and restaurants offering seasonal fare and warm drinks.

  • Outdoor Adventures: For the more adventurous, the nearby Ecola State Park offers hiking trails with breathtaking views of the Oregon coast. While in Cannon Beach, you can also visit Haystack Rock and stroll across the sandy beaches.

Cannon Beach's blend of natural beauty and laid-back vibe make it a refreshing holiday destination for families during the school break. This town also experiences mild winter weather, giving you a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

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6. Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake in Oregon turns into a breathtaking winter wonderland during the holiday season. It's a magical destination for RV travelers who are looking for a calm yet stunning experience during the school's holiday break. While here, you can enjoy:

  • Snowshoeing Adventures: Participate in ranger-led snowshoe walks, which are both educational and a fun way to explore the winter landscape.

  • Cross-Country Skiing: Miles of trails around the rim of the lake provide an excellent opportunity for cross-country skiing that’s suitable for various skill levels.

  • Stargazing: The clear winter nights at Crater Lake are perfect for stargazing. The snow reflects the starlight and creates a serene and peaceful environment.

Crater Lake's natural beauty is especially noticeable during the winter, making it a unique and quiet destination for families. The quiet of the snowy landscape offers a peaceful retreat and a chance to experience one of Oregon’s natural wonders in a whole new way.

7. Death Valley, CA

Death Valley, known for its extreme summer heat, transforms into a different environment during winter. For RV travelers looking for a unique holiday break experience, Death Valley offers a blend of adventure and peace. Here’s what you can enjoy in Death Valley over winter break:

  • Scenic Drives and Hiking: Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to explore famous sights like Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, and Artist’s Palette. These can be seen through scenic drives and accessible hikes.

  • Death Valley Starcamp: Death Valley Starcamp is a unique event where the night sky is celebrated with stargazing sessions and astronomy talks. The clear desert skies make it an ideal location for observing the stars and constellations.

  • Wildlife and Plants: Keep an eye out for the park’s unique wildlife and the chance to see the desert vegetation.

Death Valley in winter is an unexpected delight, offering a peaceful escape from the typical holiday destinations. The Death Valley Starcamp and mild winter weather make it a memorable experience for families.

8. Las Vegas, NV

While Las Vegas may not be one of the first places you think of when planning a family trip, this city is an electrifying destination during the holiday season. You can experience a variety of festive activities and displays, including:

  • Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Speedway: Drive through this spectacular light show, a family-friendly event that brings the magic of the season to life.

  • Holiday Shows and Concerts: Enjoy world-class holiday-themed shows and concerts that feature everything from dazzling acrobatics to heartwarming music performances.

  • Outdoor Ice Skating: Experience ice skating in the heart of the desert with several outdoor rinks set up around the city. These offer a unique twist on a winter tradition.

  • Spectacular Light Displays: Witness the famous Las Vegas Strip and surrounding areas transform into a festive wonderland with millions of twinkling lights.

Las Vegas during the holidays is a blend of traditional festive cheer and the city's energetic environment. It's a place where holiday traditions are celebrated with a glittering twist, making it an exciting holiday getaway for families.

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The Western U.S. offers a wide variety of holiday destinations each with its own charm. Whether you're seeking the festive lights of Las Vegas or the tranquil shores of Cannon Beach, these holiday getaways provide the perfect setting for memorable family adventures in your RV.

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