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How to Create Festive Feasts on the Go with RV Cooking Ideas

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Ready or not, the holidays are upon us! For many, this time of year brings to mind a bustling kitchen with festive decorations and the scent of baked goods. But what if your kitchen is on wheels?

Even though your RV kitchen space may be compact, the festive spirit can be just as grand. There are still plenty of ways to cook delicious meals and embrace this time of year. Whether you’re a seasoned road-tripper or just setting out on your first RV winter adventure, below are some recipe ideas and tips to keep your festive season delicious and bright.

What Makes RV Cooking During the Holidays Unique?

Traveling in an RV offers a unique blend of adventure and comfort. When the holidays roll around, this blend brings both challenges and opportunities for festive feasting.

Creativity Inspired by a Compact Kitchen

An RV kitchen is typically smaller than what most are used to. This space limitation pushes you to think outside the box—literally. With limited burners and a petite oven, you might find yourself crafting inventive dishes, simplifying classic ones, or finding ways to cook outdoors.

Closer to Nature and Freshness

The mobile nature of RVs means you're often closer to local markets and fresh produce. Incorporating these fresh finds into your holiday meals gives you a chance to experiment with new flavors and include a touch of the local culture.

Community Spirit

RV communities are known for their camaraderie. During the holidays, it's not uncommon to find fellow RVers sharing dishes, exchanging recipes, or even coming together for a potluck-style celebration. This sense of community makes RV cooking extra special.

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Top RV Cooking Ideas for the Holidays

If you plan to be on the road this holiday season, don’t leave your appetite behind! Here are a few ideas to try in your compact kitchen:

Make One Pot Holiday Meals

Using one pot to cook a full meal can save you both time and space. Try a turkey and vegetable roast: Start with some diced turkey breast, throw in a mix of your favorite veggies like carrots, green beans, and Brussels sprouts, and season generously. Drizzle some olive oil and roast until golden.

Use Compact Appliances

Get creative and find ways to use your compact appliances to cook your holiday meals. For example, you can make mini pumpkin pies in the toaster oven. Using ready-made pie crusts, fill them up with a mix of pumpkin puree, eggs, cream, sugar, and holiday spices. Bake in your toaster oven until the filling sets and the crust is golden. Top with whipped cream.

Consider Cold Festive Dishes

Not every holiday meal has to be cooked. For instance, you could make a cold turkey and cranberry salad. Toss together diced turkey, dried cranberries, chopped celery, and walnuts. Mix with a light mayo dressing and season with salt and pepper. Serve on fresh lettuce leaves or as a sandwich filling. This is an easy way to keep the holiday flavors alive without spending all day in your RV's kitchen.

Utilize Your Campfire

If the weather permits, you can use your campfire to help you with holiday cooking. Consider making grilled stuffing balls. Make your favorite stuffing, roll them into balls, wrap them in foil, and grill them over the campfire. The smokey flavor adds a unique touch to this holiday classic.

Another fun idea is to create a unique twist on s'mores by making marshmallow snowmen. Skewer three marshmallows, slightly roast them over the fire, and then decorate them by using chocolate chips and pretzel sticks to create a snowman.

Make Your Sides Quick and Easy

Sometimes, simplicity is best. The sides for your meal don’t have to be grand to be delicious. Try tossing some fresh green beans with minced garlic, butter, salt, and pepper. Microwave until tender and finish with a sprinkle of slivered almonds for crunch.

Ultimately, the beauty of RV cooking during the holidays lies in innovation and adaptability. It's less about elaborate dishes and more about the memories you create while making these meals.

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Tips for Efficient RV Cooking During the Holidays

Holiday cooking in a spacious, well-equipped kitchen can be demanding. Throw in the confines of an RV and you've got yourself quite the challenge! However, with the right strategies, you can whip up a festive meal without the stress. Here are some top tips to help you navigate RV cooking during the holiday season:

Plan Ahead

Decide on your holiday menu in advance. This helps you shop efficiently and makes sure you don't overcrowd your limited pantry or fridge space. Also, consider prepping ingredients a day or two before the main event. Chopping veggies, marinating proteins, or even pre-cooking certain components can be a massive time-saver. Don’t forget to check your fridge, too! See what you already have on hand that you may be able to use.

Consider Indoor Storage Solutions

Create as much counter space as you can when making your meal. Utilize the vertical space in your RV kitchen with over-the-door organizers, hanging baskets, or magnetic spice racks. Or, consider investing in containers that can be used for both storage and cooking like oven-safe glassware.

Make Use of Outdoor Space

If your RV setup allows, consider doing some of your cooking outside. Portable grills or campfires can handle some of the cooking load and free up your RV’s kitchen. Additionally, if weather allows, you can set up a foldable table outside your RV for added prep space.

Duplicate Ingredients

When planning your menu, consider choosing ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes. For example, cranberries can be used in a salad, as a sauce, or even in desserts. Also, try to avoid recipes that require one-off specialty ingredients. This helps save space and reduce waste.

Stay Organized

With limited sink and counter space, it's important to clean up as you cook. This ensures you always have a workspace ready and also minimizes post-cooking cleanup. And don’t forget to label everything, especially if you've prepped in advance. Clearly labeling all your containers can avoid any holiday meal mix-ups.

Embrace Simplicity

Instead of an elaborate seven-course meal this holiday season, focus on a few dishes made well. Often, a well-cooked main dish with a couple of sides is more than enough to satisfy holiday appetites. Also, don’t be afraid to use store-bought ingredients or sides. Ready-made pie crusts or pre-packaged gravy can be lifesavers in the RV kitchen.

Covered RV Storage Solutions When Your Holiday Travels Are Over

As the holiday season approaches, your RV’s kitchen doesn't have to hinder your festive spirit. Embracing the challenges of adapting to a unique environment and finding joy in the simple things is what RV holiday cooking is all about.

When you’re not on the road and prepping your holiday meal in your kitchen on wheels, be sure to choose a safe and secure storage space for your RV. Oakley Executive RV & Boat Storage offers paved and covered parking spaces for the convenient storage of your vehicle. Learn more about our pricing and reserve your space today.

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