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RV Storage Security: Top 4 Features to Look for in a Storage Facility

RV storage security: three words that hold the key to worry-free adventures. For RV and boat enthusiasts, the journey doesn't end when the road or waterways do. That’s where having a trusted storage facility and safe space to keep your vehicle comes in handy.

video surveillance is feature to consider in a RV storage facility

From perimeter security to advanced surveillance systems, there is an arsenal of tools that reputable storage facilities employ to keep your vehicles safe from harm. Here are the top four security features that you should prioritize when searching for an RV and boat storage facility.

1. Gated Access and Perimeter Security

When considering the security of an RV and boat storage facility, the first line of defense is often the perimeter itself. Gated access and perimeter security create a safe environment and protect your vehicle from theft and damage.

When touring and choosing an RV or boat storage space, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Look for facilities that employ electronic access systems, such as key cards, unique passcodes, or smartphone apps, to ensure controlled entry.

  • Check out perimeter security features like fences, walls, and well-defined boundaries. A protective barrier prevents outsiders from approaching your stored vehicles.

  • Inspect the perimeter for well-lit surroundings as this discourages unwanted activity and creates an environment where anyone trying to breach the facility would be easily visible on camera.

Investing in a storage facility with gated access and strong perimeter security dramatically reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry. Knowing that your stored vehicle is within a controlled and monitored environment provides peace of mind, whether you're away for a weekend or an extended period.

Did you know that Oakley Executive RV & Boat Storage offers RV storage near Brentwood with advanced security features like video surveillance, unique entry codes, and a 14-foot high perimeter wall?

2. On-Site Staff and Management

When it comes to keeping a storage facility safe and secure, having staff on hand can make a big difference. Additionally, you can feel more at ease knowing that a storage facility has a dedicated team on-site who prioritize your safety and security.

Having on-site staff can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • They can immediately respond to emergencies or suspicious activity.

  • Their routine patrolling of the entire storage facility serves as a deterrent to any potential wrongdoers and also helps to identify any issues that require attention.

  • They can add a personal touch with customer interactions.

  • They can provide customers with peace of mind.

When evaluating RV storage facilities, ask about the presence of on-site staff and their roles. Learn about their training, their availability during different hours, and their communication protocols. A facility with engaged and responsive staff members demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a secure environment for your vehicle.

3. Video Surveillance

One of the first things that likely come to mind when searching for a secure RV storage facility is surveillance cameras. Not only does video surveillance help to record any suspicious activity, but it also ensures the facility is monitored at all times. Visible cameras on the premises also deter potential break-ins.

Consider the following ​systems when choosing a secure storage facility for your RV or boat:

  • Cameras that are strategically positioned to cover entrance points, parking lots, storage spaces, and other high-traffic zones.

  • High-resolution cameras that can capture detailed images and videos. These can be crucial in identifying individuals, vehicles, or events.

  • Motion detectors that can detect movement within their range and trigger cameras to start recording. These are especially useful during off-hours when the facility may not have constant staff presence.

  • Remote monitoring, which allows facility managers and security personnel to access camera feeds in real-time from various locations, enabling them to respond swiftly to any unusual activity.

The presence of video surveillance alone can deter criminals as the risk of getting caught on camera discourages unlawful behavior. Additionally, in case of incidents, recorded footage becomes invaluable evidence for law enforcement and insurance claims.

Oakley Executive RV & Boat Storage has security features that include 24-hour video surveillance, an active alarm system, and motion flood lights. Learn more about our high level of security features and other amenities.

4. Alarms and Monitoring Systems

If a break-in or theft occurs, a properly placed alarm system can notify security personnel immediately. Some alarm systems can even contact a security company or the police, so having one in place can significantly increase the protection of an RV or boat storage facility.

Not all facilities have an alarm system, however. Don’t be afraid to ask about the following features when choosing a secure storage facility:

  • Intrusion alarms, which are designed to trigger if someone attempts to breach the perimeter.

  • Fire and smoke detection systems, as these are crucial for early detection of fire outbreaks.

  • Environmental sensors that can detect changes in temperature, humidity, and even flooding.

  • Remote alerts or notifications to report any unusual activity or alarm activation at your storage space.

When selecting an RV storage facility, you’ll want to choose one that has a comprehensive alarm and monitoring system in use. A facility that invests in these types of alarms demonstrates its ability to provide safety and security to your vehicle.

Looking for a Secure RV or Boat Storage Facility?

In the world of RV storage security, finding the right facility goes beyond simple convenience. It’s about safeguarding your investments and enjoying true peace of mind. At Oakley RV & Boat Storage, our state-of-the-art facility is designed with a high level of security in mind. From our 24-hour video surveillance to our customized entry with customer-specific unique codes, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe and secure at our covered facility.

To learn more about our pricing and reserve your spot today, click here.


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